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Health care service in Sarajevo

Sarajevo Town has always had the most developed health service which it provided not only to citizens of the capital, but also to citizens of whole Bosnia and Herzegovina. Even before aggression, between 30 and 40% of all capacities and staff was concentrated in Sarajevo. Health reforms and renewal of health infrastructure are set as priority tasks of after-war renewal. Big steps are made towards realization of integrative health service.
Today in Sarajevo inhabitants, but also numerous visitors of our town have at their disposal well developed all forms of primary health service, but also consultative-specialist posts at Health centre. Besides these, at their disposal there are also secondary and highly differentiated hospital services with ideal link between young, perspective, and also the most experienced personnel. New methods are introduced and new institutions established on every level of health service. The city has among the first accepted and realized big starting results in health service reforms, especially in field of primary health service, and also in orientation towards assembly.    

In Sarajevo 18 teams operates in family medicine, institutions for house visits are under development, palliative care, first pain medical practice is established, nursing homes for elderly and alike. Physical and mental rehabilitations centers are founded, as well as Centre for paraplegia at Clinical centre University of Sarajevo for treatment of military war invalids and civil war victims. Complex cardiac surgery interventions are made in Sarajevo, so that inhabitants do not have to go to other centers to receive that kind of service, and first kidney transplantations are also done. Special hospital for psychiatric diseases at Jagomir is renovated according to the most modern institutions of that kind in Europe. Finally, institution that is necessary in every city - ambulance care in Sarajevo, is the best organized institution of this kind in the country, and at the same time it is the organizer of very successful trainings for nurses/technicians in field of urgent medicine.

Unfortunately, we have to state that some initiatives which were started more than four years ago still haven’t found their place or are very slowly implemented. On the first place we are talking about the project Sarajevo – city of health and connecting to the net of Europe cities of health, which City Parliament has supported, and also development of institutions in health area, intended for elderly care, and according to conclusions of Seminar with international participation about the middle sector approach to problems of elderly. These affairs still require a lot of work.
Inhabitants realize primary health care services in sense of the public institution Sarajevo Health care centre, which has 4 central points – Health care centers in the area of 4 town municipalities (the rest of 5 central points are in the area of 5 other municipalities in Canton of Sarajevo). According to this, each of four town municipalities has its own central point – Health care centre with differential sites – area practices that insure essentially better availability and satisfaction of inhabitant health needs.

Apart from Health care centers in town area, there are also offices and posts for woman and maternity health care, cantonal institution for medical affairs, institution for transfusion, institution for sport medicine, institution for health care service of students University of Sarajevo, public institution Pharmacy of Sarajevo, and also its points has Institution for public health Canton of Sarajevo. Besides these Public health institutions inhabitants can also look for satisfaction of their health service needs in several private medical practices and private health institutions in Sarajevo.
In Stari Grad municipality area, health care is realized besides RJ Health care centre Stari Grad also on other 9 sites which belong to Health care centre (Bistrik, Kovaci 2, Vratnik, Sirokaca, Gazin Han, Logavina, Mjedenica, Safvet-bega Basagica). There is also a post at Centre for woman and maternity health care, two practices for health care of workers and 5 pharmacies.

In Centar municipality area, besides central Health care centre located in Vrazovoj street, there are 13 other differential sites (Ciglane, Breka, Jablanièka, Mejtaš , Koševsko brdo (3 lokaliteta), Cicin Han, Soukbunar, Èekaluša, Podhrastovi, Šip i Nahorevo). Here is Centre for woman and maternity health care office in street Skerlica as well as 9 sites for worker health care, and 7 pharmacies.  Also in this town municipality area there is a post and office of Institution for transfusion which is at the same time Cantonal as well as Federal institution, and Institution for student health care and Institution for sport medicine. Just for the reminder, here in this municipality area there are all three hospital institutions in Sarajevo – KCU Sarajevo, State hospital Sarajevo and Cantonal psychiatry hospital.

Inhabitants of Novo Sarajevo municipality, besides central RJ Health care centre Novo Sarajevo, primary health care realize other 9 sites ( Trg Heroja, Vladimir Nazor, Velešiæi i Grbavica na po dva lokaliteta, Pofaliæi, Dolac Malta i Velepekara). Besides these, there is also post for Centre for woman and maternity health care, Institute for worker health care (4 sites) and 4 pharmacies. It is important to notice that the central point of Institute for urgent medical aid is situated in this municipality area.

In Novi Grad municipality, which is the most populated one in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are even two big objects of Health care centers, of which the one on Saraj polje is only partly reconstructed. Besides these there are 8 differental areal practices ( Alipašino Polje B faza sa dva lokaliteta, Alipašino Polje C, Buæa Potok, Boljakov Potok, dva lokaliteta u Švrakinu Selu, Briješæe).

There is also Centre for woman and maternity health care and two medical practices of Institute for medical practice and differential post of Institute for urgent medical aid at Sarajevo Airport. Inhabitants can retrieve medicines and remedies at 5 sites in JU Pharmacies Sarajevo.
In all town municipality areas there are centers for physical and mental assembly rehabilitations.

Their need for hospital treatment, inhabitants can satisfy in two hospital institutions and Clinical centre University of Sarajevo – the highest institution of this kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Clinical center provides 1867 beds in clinic for neuro-surgery, general and abdominal surgery, urology, toracal, bone surgery, reconstruction and plastic surgery, vascular surgery and transplantation, pediatric surgery, oncologycal surgery, otorinolaryngology diseases, eye diseases, maxilo-facial surgery, gynecology and maternity, anesthesia and reanimation and cardio-surgery. Out of non-surgery clinics there are clinics for gastroenterohepatalogy, heart diseases and rheumatism, nephrology, vascular diseases, nuclear medicine, hematology, endocrinology and metabolism diseases, child diseases, lung diseases and tuberculosis, infective diseases, skin and genital diseases, oncology, neurology, psychiatry and professional pathology and toxicology. As part of Clinical center there is also Center for paraplegia and also very well organized diagnostic practice: radiological, biochemical laboratory, microbiology with molecular biology, virology and immunology, laboratory for human genetics and clinical pharmacology. Pharmacy that is organized as part of the Clinical centre is responsible for proper medicine supply. (more information on www.kcus.net)

The other institution – Sarajevo State hospital provides 280 beds and well organized diagnostic-laboratory and radiological posts. As part of this hospital there are divisions for general surgery, internal, otorinolaryngology diseases, maternity and division for intensive care.
In Sarajevo area there is also a third hospital institution, Cantonal psychiatric hospital which has dispose of 75 beds and is self-managed.
Previously mentioned health institution capacities, and especially Clinical centre University of Sarajevo, are at everyone's disposal, and not only to inhabitants of Sarajevo who decide to look for necessary help.

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