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The Town Hall

It represents the most beautiful and the most representative building from Austro-Hungarian period, built in pseudo-Moor$ learn more


The word "Bas-carsija" literarily means "main marketplace" and designates the area of market square around the fountain $ learn more $

The Morica Inn

Due to the needs of the expanding market-place and the traders that were coming from faraway countries, the caravanserai$ learn more

Ali Pasha's Mosque

One of the most beautiful cupolaed mosques, built in 1561 beside the tomb of the founder of Bosnian governor of the sanz$ learn more

Gazi Husref-bey's covered market building

This massive basilica-like stone building extends in length of 109 meters along the street bearing the same name. It was$ learn more

The Goat Bridge

The first among innumerous bridges on the road from Sarajevo to Constantinople, the last between Constantinople and Sara$ learn more

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Honorary Citizens

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Honorary Citizens of the City of Sarajevo 2009

Bill Carter

Bill Carter is an American director of award-winning documentary film “Miss Sarajevo”, which includes stories from besieged Sarajevo in 1993. In completely extraordinary circumstances, in the summer of 1993, Mr. Carter established a “live” link between Sarajevo and European concerts of pop-rock band U2. For Sarajevans, this was an opportunity to speak to millions of young people about the life under siege and destructions of Sarajevo. He also established a contact with MTV, through which Sarajevans had an opportunity to address an audience of 100 million people through an un-edited two-hour “window”. He held more than 50 lectures at universities such as Harvard, New York University, Boston College, showing his film “Miss Sarajevo” and talking about the war n Bosnia. On basis of his experiences from the war-time Sarajevo, Carter wrote a book, entitled “Fools Rush In”, which is a scenario basis for a motion picture that will present a story about the people from Sarajevo who, in their own special way, resisted the siege of the city. Bill Carter is one of those people who search for answers to the questions that most of us are afraid to ask. His heart and eye always seem focused on describing and revealing the world exactly as he sees it, and his heart and his eye are so clear that they almost break your heart. He is married to Leigh Carter and they have a daughter, Josie. They live in a small city in southern Arizona. However, regardless of where he lives, Sarajevo remains a place that is close to his heart and soul.

Erçan Uslu

In the period from 1992 to 1995, in cooperation with Turkish Crescent, he collected help and mediated in contact between representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Turkey with goal of creating conditions for students from Bosnia and Herzegovina to study in Republic of Turkey.  Thanks to his efforts, many Bosnian and Herzegovinian refugees were accommodated and many humanitarian actions were organized, and in the period after war, he was responsible for signing Protocol about cooperation between the City of Konya and the City of Sarajevo, and the Government of Canton Sarajevo.  Thanks to Department for culture of the City of Konya that is lead by M. Uslu, who was recently entitled for honorary consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Konya, Educational cultural centre Konya - Sarajevo was founded.

Massimo Cacciari

Respectable philosopher, human rights fighter, mayor of Venice during tree mandates, founder of few philosophical reviews and publisher of essays, great friend of the City of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He supported the activity of Ars Aevi in various ways: through the first international promotion of this project on Biennales of Venice, organization of the exposition of collection Ars Aevi, his mediation in making contact with architect Renzo Piano, through creation and presentation of preliminary projects, meeting of representatives of the City of Sarajevo and invitation of Ars Aevi for promotion of Bosnian and Herzegovinian art in Venice, and his help in organization of exposition of Renzo Piano and brothers Dimitrijević in the Museum Ca’Pesaro. Citizens of the City of Sarajevo appreciate his professional and friendly contribution to this significant cultural project. In various occasions, he also organized collecting of help for Sarajevo during its siege, and he contributed a lot in affirmation of the City of Sarajevo by his acts and humanity.


The Reconstruction of the City Hall - publication