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The Town Hall

It represents the most beautiful and the most representative building from Austro-Hungarian period, built in pseudo-Moor$ learn more


The word "Bas-carsija" literarily means "main marketplace" and designates the area of market square around the fountain $ learn more $

The Morica Inn

Due to the needs of the expanding market-place and the traders that were coming from faraway countries, the caravanserai$ learn more

Ali Pasha's Mosque

One of the most beautiful cupolaed mosques, built in 1561 beside the tomb of the founder of Bosnian governor of the sanz$ learn more

Gazi Husref-bey's covered market building

This massive basilica-like stone building extends in length of 109 meters along the street bearing the same name. It was$ learn more

The Goat Bridge

The first among innumerous bridges on the road from Sarajevo to Constantinople, the last between Constantinople and Sara$ learn more

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City Council

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Sarajevo City Council

Suljo Agic 
Chairman of the City Council
Born on: 02 february 1950
Political party: SDA

Miro Lazovic 
Deputy Chairman of the City Council
Born on: 05 May 1954
Political party: SDP

Gradimir Gojer 
Deputy Chairman of the City Council
Born on: 04 March 1951
Political party: S BiH

City Councillors:

Avdo Hodzic, Political Party: SDP BiH

Alija Hodzic, Political Party: SBB BiH

Vedran Dodik, Political Party: NLMG BiH

Branislava Rakonjac, Independent city councilor

Vibor Handzic, Political Party: Nasa stranka BiH

Amel Mekic, Political Party: SDP BiH

Stjepan Kljuic, Independent city councilor

Novka Agic, Political Party: SDP BiH

Suvad Kerla, Political Party: S BiH

Velija Katica, Political Party: SDA BiH

Edina Latif, Independent city councilor

Arijana Talovic, Political Party: SDP BiH

Jusuf Losic, Political Party: SDA BiH

Robert Plese, Political party: Nasa stranka BiH

Sanja Lazar, Political party: Nasa stranka BiH

Igor Gavric, Political party: SBB BiH

Miroslav Zivanovic, Political party: SDP BiH

Nebojsa Simic, Political party: SDP BIH

Omer Pajevic, Political party: SDA BiH

Enes Husejnovic, Political party: SBB BiH

Drago Juric, Independent city councilor

Boris Riderle, Political party: SDA BiH

Hasan Hodzic, Political party: SDP BiH

Jasmin Smjecanin, Political party: SDA BiH

Vernes Cosic, Political party: Nasa stranka BiH

Contact information

Hamdije Kresevljakovica 3
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel.: +387 (0)33 216 659


The Reconstruction of the City Hall - publication